Czech Republic Fails to Act Against Judicial Corruption


The very day AKRO investiční společnost announced it had lodged a complaint on behalf of 60,000 investors against the Czech Republic in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) claiming compensation for maladministration by State officials and the lack of a fair judicial process, the Czech Republic comes last in a global corruption ranking!

The ranking (see graphic) by GRECO, the Anti-corruption body of the Council of Europe, measures the Implementation of Council of Europe recommendations on preventing corruption among MPs, prosecutors and judges.

In what was perhaps a thinly veiled reference to the Czech Republic, Marin MRČELA, President of GRECO commented:

" In too many countries we are witnessing corruption or unethical behaviour by the very persons who are in charge of our public institutions. This lowers trust in and respect for such institutions which, in turn, erodes democracy, Human Rights and the rule of law. We should not be surprised then if there is an increased distance between the people and their public institutions...The many mass demonstrations which have taken place in 2019 in Europe and around the world to call for justice and hold public office holders to account are a testament to this.''

Jeremy Monk
Investment Director
AKRO investiční společnost
4th June, 2020

AKRO investiční společnost V's Czech Republic

GRECO 20th General Activity Report (2019)